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Video coaching

Video coaching is different from surf lessons. 

For video coaching you must already be autonomous in the water, because your coach will be on the beach with, as his name suggests, a camera in hand. 

The goal will be to improve your surfing throughout the session with specific exercises. 


The video coaching takes place in several stages: 

    - We already start by looking at the spot where we are going to surf, we analyze and explain the different specificities of the wave, the current and we remember the rules priority. 

    - The session is then divided into several parts:

At the start, the students enter the water for about twenty minutes to warm up and so that I can study their surfing.

After this warm-up, they come out of the water and I give each one a personalized exercise to be able to improve their faults. The exercise is to be done during the next quarter of an hour, and so on, the exercises are modified and deepened throughout the session.

At each release, we analyze the videos to see the different things to correct. 

    - At the end of the coaching, we do an overall analysis of the session together, and I give some more exercises to do during their coaching session. personal surfing. 

    - The videos are sent to you after the course.  



Basic price range:

    - Private coaching (1 person): 90 euros 

    - Private coaching (several people): 60 euros/person

    - Group coaching: 40 euros/person


Prices vary depending on the number of sessions and the number of people.

You can book private video coaching, alone or with friends/family (maximum 4 people) or in a group of maximum 6 people. 

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